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Real comments from real customers

in their own words.




"Response time was very good. Service expertise was very good. Courtesy was excellent."

                         Mrs. Swoboda


“I think your technicians leave the work area cleaner when they leave than it was before”.

                        Mr. Stark


“I love how fast you respond”.

                        Mr. Valdez


“Your guys are very neat”.

                        Mrs. Sims


“Your technicians were very neat”.

                        Mr. Young


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   “Your technicians are quite patient”.                                            

                        Mrs. Phillips


“I’m always impressed with your fast service”.

                        Mr. Birmingham


“Your technician was very neat”.

                        Ms. Sharpe


“You always respond so quickly”.

                        Mrs. Reichert


“Your technician was just great!”                                                   

                        Mrs. Robison


“Your guy did super!”

                        Mrs. Andrews



“Your service is very satisfactory”.

                        Ms. Woolford


“I always rely on you guys”.

                        Ms. Barber


“Whenever I have a problem I call Service Network”.

                        Ms. Leising


“We sure appreciate how service oriented you are”.

                        Mr. & Mrs. Edwards


“I appreciate your getting out so fast”.

                        Mrs. Steele


“I wouldn’t change a thing about your service”.

                        Mr. Rayburn


“Thank you for following up on your service call. I’m glad you do that”.

                        Ms. Fletcher


“You’re number one on my list”.

                        Mrs. Ziporin


“You’re our service company!”

                        Mr. Thompson


“Everything is always the way it is supposed to be.”

                        Mr. Behrens


“You’re fast and you’re fair.”

                        Ms. Levitt


“Everything is always fine.”

                        Mrs. Minear


“I’ll always call back.”

                        Ms. Cleveland



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“I’ll always call Service Network.”

                        Mrs. Utecht



 “I always call Service Network if anything goes wrong.”

                        Mrs. Winter


“Everyone at Service Network is great. If you guys do something wrong, you stand behind your work. Being “old” it’s hard to find anyone you can trust. I can trust you.”

                        Mrs. Waldman


“I am real happy with your service.”

                        Mr. Eckhardt


“You always do a good job”.

                        Mr. Routh


“Everything is great!”

                        Ms. Gibson


“Your technicians are very competent and very nice. Very helpful to an old lady.”

                        Mrs. Pomponio


“You really went out of your way to make sure everything was done right”.

                        Mrs. Roper


“No problems with Service Network. You are our company of the future”.

                        Mrs. Jones


“Very fine service”.

                        Ms. Larcom


“Your technician did a very thorough job and explained all that he did. It was a very good experience”.

                        Ms. Scavo


“I am very pleased with Service Network”.

                        Ms. Mushock


“I am very pleased with Service Network. All of your people are just the best. I feel like I'm part of your family. All service gentlemen are true gentlemen. Very polite and efficient.”

                        Mrs. Cumberland


“Your technician did a very good job and answered all my questions.”

                        Mrs. Hawkins


“You guys are definitely a professional company.”

                        Mr. Bosland


“Everything is great.”

                        Mr. Vigil


“We really like your service technicians and we trust Service Network.”

                        Mr. Edwards


“I really appreciate your work.”

                        Mr. Palmer


“I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

                        Mr. Bond


“Your technician did a beautiful job.”

                        Mr. Lawson


“Everything was great.”                                                                              

                   Mr. Farler                                                            

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“You guys did a wonderful job. It looks great.”

                        Mr. Thorton


“Your company has been very good to me”

                        Ms. Fogel


“Your technicians are always so helpful.”

                        Ms. McFarland


“You did a great job.”

                        Mrs. Lynch


“Your guy did a great job. But your guys always do.”

                        Mr. Soule


“Your technician was very nice and did a good job.”

                        Ms. Mandell


“We’re moving but will use you wherever we go.”

                        Mr. Wolf


“Your guy did a good job.”

                        Mr. Rogers


“Your technician did a very good job explaining and taking care of the problem.”

                        Mr. Weber


“Your technician did a very good job. He was very nice and an interesting guy.”

                        Mr. Lefaivre



“Your technicians always do a really good job. We’ve been using you for years.”

                        Mrs. Cillo


“I am always very pleased with your service.”

                        Mrs. Siebert


“I’ll definitely be calling you again for service.”

                        Ms. Paterson


“You guys were great. As a matter of fact, I referred you guys to someone else and they thought you were great too”

                        Ms. Lewis


“The technician and everything was great. That’s why I always call you guys back.”

                        Mrs. Andrews


“You can count on me calling Service Network.”

                        Mr. Gamble


“Your technician did a great job!”

                        Mrs. Sowell


“Your technician did a great job!”                                                            

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                        Ms. Moore


“Everything was great.”

                        Mr. Matthews


“You guys will be my plumbers from now on!”

                        Ms. Cochran


“You’re our exclusive plumbing company!”

                        Mrs. Gagne


“Everything is great! We really appreciate your service.”

                        Mrs. Keane


“Everything was great. I appreciate the way you follow-up.”

                        Mr. Holmes


“We appreciate all you’ve done.”

                        Mrs. Puck


“You guys did a wonderful job!”

                        Ms. Spurgin


“Everything is great! I know who to call from now on.”

                        Mrs. Waldman


“Your Service Man was great!”

                        Ms. Strahle


“Everything is great! Just in time for the cold weather.”

                        Mr. Wells


“You guys are awesome! Thanks.”

                        Ms. Adams


“Everything is fine. We appreciate your coming out.”

                        Dr. Fry


“Everything was great!”

                        Ms. Huber


“Your service was great!”

                        Dr. Wohlner


“Your technician was wonderful! He cleaned up a lot of stuff under the sink for us and that was more than we could have asked for.”

                        Mrs. Daniele


“I wouldn’t think of calling anyone else.”

                        Mr. Mermis


“Everything was wonderful!”

                        Mrs. Sigman



“It is good to know there are still companies you can trust this day and age. Your service is always excellent.”

                        Mrs. Wilkerson


“Everything went great, thank you!”

                        Mr. Wilbur


"Immediate availability and clear instructions for me. And, my new water heater is peace of mind. I thank you all!

                        Ms. Schwartz


"Evaluated problem, then explained so I could understand, and completed work in timely manner!

                        Mrs. Thornberg



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"I enjoyed the polite manner of your technicinans and also the prompt service."

                         Mrs. Waldman


"Always happy with the service and fair price."

                          Mrs. Cowell


"Everyone we deal with at Service Network is fabulous!

                          Mrs. Siebert


"Yours is the only plumbing, heating & air company that I have ever been happy with. I appreciate your prompt service."

                          Mrs. Cochran


"You guys are the best!"

           Mrs. Smalle


"We have always been very pleased with the efficient, professional work we get from Service Network."  

                                              Mr. Tully


"Fast, courteous service, professional and helpful." 

                                              Mrs. Hicks


"I was very impressed."

                 Mrs. Gibby





“Thank you for such fast service.” 

                           Ms. Edmundson


  Plumbing-Heating-Air Conditioning-Evaporative Cooling-Drain Cleaning-Water Heaters-Gas Lines-Sewer Line-Water Lines-Boilers-Humidifiers-Electronic Air Cleaners-Thermostats

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